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"The only thing that stands between a man and what he wants from life is often merely the will to try it and faith to believe it is possible."
— Richard Devos


Miles Morse

The word results gets thrown around a lot. Jason can help you get them. I started training with Jason last summer. At the time I was overweight, apathetic, and hoped to shed a few pounds, just to feel a little better. Jason gave me the tools I needed to succeed. Since working with Jason I have lost nearly 70 lbs and significantly improved my strength. I finally enjoy living in my body! I struggled with my weight for most of my life. Jason's comprehensive approach helped me to understand both exercise and nutrition. His enthusiasm is contagious and motivating and makes workouts fun. People of all fitness levels can learn and gain a lot from Jason. At the risk of sounding over the top, Jason is without a doubt the best trainer I've ever had the pleasure of working with, and a good friend.

Jill Goldstein

For the past 5 years I was on a downward spiral with regards to my weight, and, not so coincidently, my overall health both mentally and physically. When it felt like I had reached rock bottom both Patrick andJason Vieira of Balance Sport & Fitness were there to help lift me back up. I initially trained with Jason beginning in January 2010. He gave me the jump start I needed to make a huge change in my life. I then began working out with Pat in May 2010 because our schedules were more compatible. He has not only helped me develop my strength and endurance but offered educated and sound practice about proper nutritional habits. My over-all quality of life has improved tremendously since training with him. Pats motivation, encouragement and knowledge has provided me with the tools I need for a long-term healthy lifestyle.

Debbie Slattery

Jason is without question the best trainer I have ever had. He is professional, knowledgeable and energetic. I know when I am in a session with Jason I have his complete attention. The eating plan he prescribed for me has helped me lose almost 30 lbs and I know the weight loss will continue. And the best and most important thing..........I FEEL BETTER ! Thanks Jason !

United States Marine Corps

I have been in Special Operations for 10 years. In this line of work, there is no second place winner and you have to be on your game every day. Being fit, strong, physically and mentally tough, and agile are all components of the job and maximum performance must be produced on demand. Whether climbing with full kit, parachuting into unknown terrain, or conducting sustained and protracted operations, the body must be ready to adapt and endure to what the mind demands of it. Day or night, in all weather conditions, there is no down time when it comes to mission accomplishment.

I spent three months at Balance Fitness and worked out with Jason nearly every day. He looked at my capabilities and developed a program that complimented my current fitness and improved my overall strength, power, and endurance; the ideal package for a Special Operations operator. Whatever your goals, wherever you want to go, Jason and his staff will help you get there, and move past your perceived limitations. I can't recommend him and his facility enough. If you are looking for challenging, fun, and interesting physical and mental training with a zero-ego mentality, Balance is the beginning and end of your search. I will train there at any time, make plans to visit as often as I can, and he coaches me via email even when I am deployed. Try finding that kind of service at your local gym.

I am 38 years old and in the best shape of my life. In short, I am Balanced!"

Zech Klann

After playing four years of Division 1 hockey and now in my second year of professional hockey my body has experienced all the punishment that this sport can dish out. Working with Jason has given me the ability to stay healthy and achieve goals in the weight room that I never thought were possible. I have never worked with a trainer that has the ability to take someone’s weak points and make them their strong points. Jason’s ability to motivate and make you achieve your goals is top shelf.

Abby Anthony

As a committed runner and triathlete, I am hard-pressed to find time to add anything else to my schedule. But, Jason's class is, without a doubt, the best thing that I have done for my health, fitness, and athletic performance...ever. The strength & conditioning work has made noticeably differences in my muscle tone and the focus on mobility & flexibility has vanquished nagging pains and prevented further injuries. My core is much stronger and my race times have dropped significantly. Most importantly, Jason's class is fun! Every class is different and I never get bored. Jason's enthusiasm makes it easy to enjoy getting a great workout.

Nicole Morse

I have struggled constantly with my weight over the years. While working with Jason over the past year I have really noticed my body transform. He is very understanding and knows how to train each person based on what they need. I lost a lot of weight and gained a lot of confidence while working with him. He is very motivating and will push you to where you need to be.

Lisa Kasabian

I have been training with Jason and participating in Boot camp classes with him for 2 years. Jason recognizes the importance of gradually increasing your workout to get you to the next level of fitness.
In addition to being a first rate trainer, he is a kind and patient person, always willing to help anyone achieve their goals. He is definitely a keeper.

Drew Goldstein

Being both a tennis coach and tennis professional it is important to keep my body in peak physical shape. Before training with jason, I was fifty pounds overweight, aches and pains everywhere, and seriously rethinking my career choice. After only a year and half of training, I have lost the weight and rekindled my love for tennis both playing and coaching. My speed, quickness and strength are what they were when I was playing incollege and I could not have done it by myself.

Ken Bond

This is a testimonial I’ve been waiting a long time to write. I am thrilled its time has finally come. I am a 50-year-old Red Sox fan living in Jamestown, Rhode Island. I was born with cerebral palsy. Now, my case of CP is mild compared to most and I feel lucky for that. However, up until the age of thirteen I lived with a brace on my left leg and I had difficulty with movement, flexibility and mobility in my left arm and hand. As a young boy I never was able to take gym class and therefore I never was able to participate in sports. When I was twelve, a series of operations was performed that allowed me to be free of the leg brace. I began to attend gym classes but I was so far behind the other kids that playing sports in general was not feasible. I would try from time to time but as you may be aware kids can be cruel to others that are different. As I grew up, finished school and went to college I never thought much about it. Over the course of my life I would watch other guys playing sports and wish that I had the athletic ability to participate but I was resigned to the fact that physically it was just not meant to be. Then I meet Jason Vieira and he changed all that.

At the time I met Jason I had already quit smoking, I was doing some running and I was trying to work out myself at a local gym but not seeing the results for which I desperately strived. Jason came to my home, he explained his philosophy of training and he asked me my goals. I said I wanted to change my body physically so that my left side looked like my right, I wanted to be leaner, stronger, and healthier and I wanted to play baseball. I began training with Jason immediately. That was almost two years ago now and all those goals I discussed with him have come true. But the most amazing thing is that six months after meeting Jason, with the help of this remarkable trainer, at 48 years old I caught my first baseball. It was truly one of the most emotional moments of my adult life. Now, along with my normal workouts Jason incorporates my love for the sport. I run, catch, pitch and hit baseballs.


Greer Beecroft

I initially got into the group classes because a friend talked me into going. I was hesitant and not expecting it to be anything worthwhile. I quickly discovered that it was more than worthwhile and also, so much more than just a work out.

I have had back problems for years, the type of training that I do with Patrick and Jason has helped me strengthen my core, which in turn has allowed me to use my body more efficiently and since I have started training with them I have had no back problems. Working with them has taught me how important it is to do an exercise correctly. One great thing about their class is that even with a group of people Patrick and Jason are still able to give one on one attention and personalize a program if needed. Everyone works at their own level and if there is an exercise that is inappropriate for any person then a substitute circuit can be created.

I look forward to going to class and learning something new from them every time I go. They are both extremely knowledgeable and helpful and take the time to make sure that each student fully understands the program. Patrick and Jason are very aware of any injuries or issues a paricipant may have and take great care in making sure that their students are safe. As always they both make it known how important it is to eat right and will advise and discuss nutrition at any time to make sure their students are maintaining healthy eating habits.

I am truly grateful that I found this class and believe that Patrick and Jason are two of best trainers I have ever worked with.


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